Sight Rails for .30-40 Krag Rifles

krag scope If you are here, you love your Krag rifle. The butter-smooth actions, classic styling, quick-loading magazine, hard-metal receiver, and precise workmanship; what's not to like?

Well, actually, there is a problem we all run into.

To mount precise sights or modern optics on them, one must sacrifice the magazine cut-off or drill the receivers, thereby reducing both the functionality and the value of ones’ rifle.

KragHaüs is solving this problem. We have developed modern military standard sight rails made and fitted specially for .30-40 Krag Rifles, in two lengths. These are available for sale on this site . We are in the process of developing reasonably priced ammunition to sell year round.

We accept payment by Check by Mail only.

KragHaüs™ 6" Long Sight Rail KragHaüs™ 3" Short Sight Rail
Our Price: $49.00
Our Price: $44.50